Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Wednesday @ ICANN Wellington 2006

Today was the continuation of the Forum Meeting and most of it for all intents and purposes was spent
on mundane fixes to the what was going to be in the outcomes paper. To quote my good friend Dev Nadkarni
from Islands Business magazine "Clauses were continuously refined and redrafted".

The ICANN Public Forum was also running and I spent my time running between this and the Forum meeting.
The presentation for ICANN Marrakesh (Morocco) to be held in June this year was very well received and
this is certainly looking like a good place to visit! Most of the day was on reports from the various groups
and committees within ICANN meeting and reporting back to the Board at the Public Forum.

There was some confusion as to what the final outcome at the Forum meeting was going to be, and there was
even some mention of there being no official endorsement, but I do hope this is not the case and the Digital
Strategy is indeed fully endorsed, and more importantly fully implemented by the countries.

Let's see what happens tommorrow.

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