Thursday, March 30, 2006

Thursday @ ICANN Wellington 2006

Well, the Forum has spoken.....I guess I was expecting a bit too much in
terms of what was going to be implemented,
but I guess I always want most things to happen yesterday..........

Most of the declaration is the usual "we will do......" (and whether it
actually happens or not and at what level can and is
debatable). Of the items in focus for the first year are a couple of
interesting ones, including establishing e-mail connectivity
for government agencies and establishing a website to kick off the
e-government process. A regional approach to purchasing
satellite capacity was also highlighted and this must be pushed through,
and is simple commonsense. I trust our friends at PITA
will take the lead on this and push forward (I understand they have
started down this path already). SPAM was highlighted and
the need to setup the necessary legislative framework to counter SPAM
and other internet security issues.

Of most interest to me, however was the call to approach various
international agencies (with a special mention of ICANN) for
regulatory and policy capacity development.

A taskforce will be setup for implementation of key roadmap components
and I look forward to quick and efficient progress on this

To ICANN, the second part of the Public Forum was held this morning,
followed by the Board retreating to consider the various
committee reports. Of note was the "emphatic opposition by some members
of GAC" of the Triple-X domain. The proposal to host
the GAC Secretariat by India was also accepted and the transition from
Europe to India will take place before 30 June 2006.

There was also a report by the Conflict-of-Interest committee. I think
it is important that there be a full declaration of their relationships,
financial or otherwise, in respect to the role and function they perform
within ICANN and how it relates to stakeholders. I look forward
to this being endorsed by all members and implemented - for
transparency's sake, if nothing else.

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