Wednesday, December 16, 2009

SIP client for Mac

I have been having a bit of an adventure finding a suitable (freeware)
SIP client (softphone) for my Mac.

Its not as easy as on Linux, or Windows for that matter.

X-Lite is there, but it only supports one SIP account - I have several -
so its useless for me.

I found 2 others that may do the job - SIP Communicator
and Blink

SIP Communicator has some nice features, like being able to also handle
your IM needs (Jabber, Yahoo, MSN, etc.). The version on offer is
1.0-alpha, and it is a bit rough around the edges. The interface is not
quite crisp, and it lacks some group management features. The IM cannot
really compare to what Adium offers. The SIP side of it does work, I had
no major issues as such, but again a bit rough around the edges.

Blink is nice (at least for now!). It has a nice crisp interface, and it
allows me to tweak SIP settings I like to tweak. The version on offer is
0.11.1 and I now it running as my default SIP softphone. It also offers
a large range of codecs (no G.729 as that costs $$$).

One other one that I found promising was Telephone
Blink worked fine for me, so I stuck with that, and did not actually try
out Telephone.

Now time to mull over my Email application, do I stick with the Mac or use Zimbra Desktop

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