Friday, January 05, 2007

And Hello! Two Double Oh! Seven

The new year is well and truly here. It was back to work today and straight into the deep end.

So what does 2007 hold? Well, when the Chinese New Year rolls around in a couple of weeks or so, it will be the year of the Pig (and I understand the Fire Pig). As I understand it, based on this, it should be a"fireworks year" with prosperity highlighted, amongst other things.

In the technology world, and in particular the Internet, we will have the second IGF later in the year in Rio. This should be interesting as it will indicate what lies ahead for IGF as an institution. Some say it will most likely be a very political IGF, given its location and so on. Time will tell, let's just hope it does not deteriorate and its real objectives are maintained.

On the ICANN front, this year will see the terms of two people on the Board of Directors (both of whom I know very well and respect) finish their terms. These are Vint Cerf and Alejandro Pisanty. They also happen to serve as Chairman and Vice-Chairman of the ICANN Board respectively. With Vint's departure (this is his second term, and a person normally is only allowed to serve twice) some ask where to now for ICANN?

On the ISOC front, we have an assortment of new staff coming aboard (or have come aboard in the months preceding the new year). Now let's see if these new staff actually deliver on all the promises. I also hope the ISOC presence and visibility at IGF Rio is better than what we had at IGF Athens.

On the IPv6 front, we intend to run the first IPv6 Summit later this year. The Advisory Panel for the IPv6 Forum Pacific Islands is just about done and we expect to announce later this month. IPv6 uptake remains slow though, and I don't see this changing this year.

I am also working on a host of other projects and initiatives and you will hear about them right here on this fine channel as they progress.

On the home front, Fiji has a new Prime Minister (interim though) and let's hope the country can just get on with it, instead of dwelling on the past and could-haves and would-haves.

On the sports front, the Poms have been hammered in the Ashes, and I expect the ODI will go much the same! The Rugby World Cup is scheduled for later in the year in France and that should be all fun (and I am told it is already next to impossible to get hotel bookings for that period).

And should not a James Bond movie have been released this year? After all its Two 007! Well OK, maybe 2 should have been released this year....

Best wishes for a safe, prosperous and fun 2007!!

Monday, January 01, 2007

Farewell to Two-Oh-Oh-Six

final 2006 sunset in fiji

2006 is over and done with and it has been an interesting year in all respects. I was going to do a recap.............but here is a picture instead.

This is what sunset looked like at the Coral Coast in Fiji just before it started dipping over the horizon.

Best wishes for the new year!