Saturday, June 24, 2006

What next for GAID?

Well now that GAID has been launched, what next for GAID? Too early to say yet, but I hope it does not take forever to get things going. I had an interesting conversation with Sarbuland Khan, Executive Co-ordinator of GAID, where he assured that GAID would not be a "talk-shop" and there would be sure and steady progress. I admire him for saying this and look forward to delivery of what has been promised. General consensus amongst other participants were generally the same "we have seen and heard all this before, and let's see what happens". IMO, there must be positive, practical and relvant indicators within the next 6 months, if not, then its taking too long and will be another episode in the series.

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Franck Martin said...

I feel in the Asia Pacific region the Pacific Islands are mainly here to rubber stamp initiatives. A little of discussion is healthy as it allows to be part of the process, while sending the message that policies are monitored and that the Pacific Islands do care.