Thursday, June 22, 2006

Malaysia's MSC

Day 3 was spent on a visit around Putrajaya as well a visit to the MSC Innovation Centre, where we found out that Malaysia was now into the animation game as well. Apparently the recent animated feature "Saladin" was done in Malaysia. There was a demonstration of various multimedia technology as well a presentation on why someone should relocate to facilities within MSC. There were a list of government guarantees put up, one of which was around IP. This made me laugh (not as loud as I wanted to though).....a stroll through just about any market in KL will confront you with pirated versions of anything from the latest Hollywood movies to designerwear........uncertain what the IP guarantee means.........I suppose I should ask someone but not sure who will give me a non-cynical reply. Without doubt, the MSC facilities are pretty darn good, though, and the Malaysian Government's plans to extend and connect multiple satellite "multimedia cities" would be interesting. A valid point on Malaysia's plans to become an ICT leader and knowledge-based economy was put forth by a participant who happened to be from India. He questioned whether Malaysia, with some 25million people, really had the HR capacity to compete with someone like India with 1billion people. Food for thought indeed. One of the responses to this was, we will import them from India (and apparently this may already be happening).....hmmmmm........

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