Sunday, October 08, 2006

NGN - huh?!

The buzz word in the telco world and elsewhere at the moment is NGN - Next (New) Generation Networks. Just about every telco meeting has this somewhere in the agenda and like robots most who attend agree that is the way of the future and they will adopt and must work towards it, blah blah blah blah.

STOP! What is NGN? You really want to know? Its the Internet - plain and simple. All NGN is dreamt up to be, how it (will) work, etc. etc. is already implemented in the Internet or more specifically the Internet Protocol. They all say NGN will be on an IP core (or similar words). Why not cut the crap and call NGN by its real name - INTERNET.

Of course its important for the vendors to leverage a new buzz word they can sell.......the Internet is just not the right word as they can't really "sell it", or its technology to their intended audience, good ol' marketing strategies at work. Then there are others who want to safeguard their position and status and need to call the Internet by another name so they can continue with their bureacratic rubbish. And unfortunately the robots will go along with all this. Hopefully some robots have better firmware and will take notice and call a spade a spade (instead of NGS or some other fancy buzzword defined as a tool for digging). Then again I am just a cynic.....

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