Saturday, August 26, 2006

PacINET 2006 Day 6

I started off this morning's session with Wolf on GIS and then handed over to Franck to chair the rest of the day as I had to catch up on some work and spend some time with some of the delegates who wanted to talk with me privately. There were FOSS and WIT workshops before lunch, where it appears we now have a FOSS SIG as well. I am a bit concerned with the WIT SIG as they seem to have lost the plot in the pre-workshop forum, and listening in to a bit of their deliberations, it seems nothing much has changed. It would be a bit silly for a man to tell a Women in Technology SIG what they are all about and I hope they pull their socks up, focus and get their act together.

The afternoon saw the IPv6 tutorial by Miwa Fujii from APNIC. This went well and also provided an overview of APNIC and what it does. For the technical ones amongst the audience it was probably a bit too simplistic, but still a good introduction. We look forward to doing such tutorials within the larger ISOC family. I stressed Miwa a bit on IPv6 address range allocations for small island countries - hey someone had to do it!

The PacINET 2007 round-up session was good and I had been speaking with various delegates throughout the conference on their thoughts and view of the conference, and there was positive feedback all around. I have not received anything negative so far. Next year we intend to split the conference into a technical and non-technical stream so that all tastes are catered for, and the techies can come just to attend the technical bits. Its hard for an organisation to have their system admins away for over a week. The evening was low key (some called it an anti-climax after the stress of the past week) but it was good to wind down. Tommorrow we are off on a beach picnic to the other side of the island for a bit of R&R.

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